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Our Infrastructure

The infrastructure here at Jo Bland plays a crucial role in the way our products are produced. We use top of the line machinery to manufacture the products that meet the most stringent norms. Here at Jo Bland Enterprises we have designated areas for each of our processes which allows to have a smooth workflow on the factory floor. We are an ISO 9001:2015 as well as BRCGS  certified Company which makes one among the elite producers of flexible packaging in the country. 

Blown Films

The blown film lines are the heart of our operations. This is where the film is produced  to customer specifications for further downstream processes. We have a host of machines that produce monolayer as well as multilayer PE films that are required for various applications. We are capable of producing these films from sizes as small as 4inches.

We have an annual capacity of over 4000 tonnes

Printing Press

Our array of Roto Gravure printing presses have the capabilities to take on print jobs with up to 8 colours. We also have a high-speed top of  line system which is equipped with the automation required the produce the most demanding jobs on a host of substrates. 

We have three rotogravure presses at our facility


Lamination plays a crucial role in combining materials of various properties and providing packaging material the properties that can preserve and protect the goods it contains. We are able to laminate a large variety of substrates to meet the most demanding needs For this purpose we have made sure that we are able to provide multiple technologies that can also be used to produce sustainable products.

Water-based and solvent-based lamination

Pouching  & Bag making

To meet the rising demand for pouches to pack finished products, we have dedicated an floor to cater to the various needs of our growing customer base. We are capable of producing bags as small as 4inches up to a massive width of 1.5 meters. This we believe speaks about our flexibility and capability to take on anything that comes our way.

14 machines to handle any job that comes our way

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