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  JO BLAND ENTERPRISES was founded in 1990 by a dynamic entrepreneur at its current location in Malur, our site of the company's first manufacturing facility. Since its inception, Jo Bland has differentiated itself by taking on seemingly impossible application challenges and not only providing effective solutions, but building strong customer partnerships in the process. The result has been new and innovative film formulations, new applications, and entry into new and exciting markets.

  After construction of its initial plant in 1990, the first commercial order was shipped in 1990 itself to Hindustan Lever. Jo Bland's Major additions were made to it’s facilities in 2011. The company's investment in the industry is seen in its most aggressive expansion in 2019, which redoubled again Jo Bland’s square footage and capacity. Each addition has been reinforced with the most modern extrusion and quality systems. We now manufacture LDPE bags and HDPE bags and films, shrink and stretch films, laminated pouches and also labels

  As new films and applications have advanced from development to commercialization, Jo Bland has added the high-volume capacity and in-line inspection systems to support very large programs with world-class quality and competitive pricing. Jo Bland continues to invest in building a team of experts to drive the philosophy of providing our customers with not merely a product, but business-savvy solutions to their unique challenges. We have been successful in attracting the most experienced technical staff in the industry with number of years combined experience in Polyethylene film extrusion.

  Through all of this growth, Jo Bland has remained true to the original vision of the founder:
"We dare to venture the impossible & make it possible” Jo Bland’s founder knew that he would eventually want to grow with the vision he had.  All the while building on a record of innovation expected of an industry leader who would continue to add to the growth of the company and maintain the high standard of quality for which it is known, 

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